What is OfficeNetPoint® ?

OfficeNetPoint® is an innovative software solution that improves the efficiency of your business organization. It memorizes, manages and index its content and protocols documents changes, your business rules, e-mails, appointments, accounting transactions and telephone traffic. With its adaptive technology it works on any “platform”, be it PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone. Although it requires an internet connection it will continue to perform its “work” while disconnected.
The user interface and functionalities at your disposal remain always the same be it that you are in the office, on the road, or at home out of the office.
OfficeNetPoint®, allows customizations and integration with software that your business is already using, and this thanks to certain parts of the software licenced as GNU (open source),


Why OfficeNetPoint®?

OfficeNetPoint®  is innovative and reliable.

Innovative because based on modern and up to date technology,  reliable because the first version dates back to 1987.

OfficeNetPoint® is easy to use since it  imitates the logic of Microsoft Office®  and she/he who already use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Excel is immediately productive and she/he will feel immediately at ease using it since the “environment” is familiar.

OfficeNetPoint® offers all what one needs, from document management (which is automatic without user intervention) to that of assisting in the telephone traffic, from CRM  (customer relationship manager) to the Human Resource, from the Time Sheet to coordinating individual and team schedules.

All these function seamlessly integrate in one sole product /package.

The “core system manager module” undertakes to manage the flow of information (data) that is generated in real time, to correctly format it to all the modules, so that a traced GPS route through your mobile phone or a telephone call become like this an input into your Time Sheet (and consequently part of an invoice) or/and an expense that needs expensed and thus paid out when the next pay check is issued.
All this automatically!



Is OfficeNetPoint® secure?

OfficeNetPoint® is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft technology, and if requested every external connection can be protected by encryption and RSA dynamic coding, offering the same level of security as with an internet banking application. The internal security is guaranteed through a sophisticated system of access based authorisations, which can be dynamically managed.

Every transaction or modification of data is protocolled and logged with time, user and machine.

Two-step authentication is included in all versions of OfficeNetPoint® .


Is OfficeNetPoint® complicated?

OfficeNetPoint® adapts to the logic of your business.
All functions can be activated with a simple mouse click and can be called up one after the other as required. This allows a step by step integration of OfficeNetPoint®  in the day to day business of company by not creating unnecessary upheaval in the process, but involving and engaging your colleagues and employees, allowing a smooth change management and business process improvement.


Is OfficeNetPoint® scalable?

OfficeNetPoint®  was conceived with the objective to simplify and to lessen the burden of administrative processes in small, medium and even large enterprises.
There are three versions available, tailored to the needs of all clients:



Ideal for small businesses or individual professional firms, that do not need advanced functions such as the time sheet and the accounting module. 


Conceived for those business that charge their services based on time, but do not need the accounting module since they have outsourced this administrative function.

Ideal for the management of departments and project teams.


It offers access to all the functionalities and is the perfect solution for professional firms, independent project entities/teams, small and medium businesses, and especially for those that do not have a administrative “back office”.




OfficeNetPoint® everywhere?

Smartphone, Tablet and other online services have changed the way the world communicates, and this is also true on the job.
Employees no longer are happy with an E-mail account and telephone, they want to use the same communication means that they have at home in their private sphere.
The effect of these choices are positive since they facilitate job and working models and a more efficient collaboration.

OfficeNetPoint® is based on innovative technology that allows you the complete mobility along the maximum security.