Discover the practicality behind OfficeNetPoint® and its seamless technology.

The multiple functionalities of OfficeNetPoint® are not just contained in separate modules that need to be activated by the user, but are all based on algorithms that are common to all and the system will activate the right feature or module when needed, without any user action.

It is a fully new approach to information management and application usability: the user focuses on hers/his main productive tasks (creating and processing information with her/his standard applications/tools (Word, Excel, Open Office etc…) and all the rest is taken charge by OfficeNetPoint® and its tracing core algorithm.

Information management:

Filing, sharing information with other team members, compiling time sheets and CRM notes, accounting transactions, salary sheets, absences, holidays will be no more part of your duties; you will have only to confirm what OfficeNetPoint® proposes to you, with just a single mouse-click.

All this bundle of information is automatically dispatched to the right place from the core system algorithm of OfficeNetPoint®.

Application usability :

OfficeNetPoint® has more than just one graphical user interface  (GUI) . Our R&D department developed different ‘GUI themes’ for different users (user focused on data analysis and retrieval, user whose main task is document editing, etc) and different devices (desktop, tablets, smartphones). Each GUI theme can be switched with a single click or automatically chosen by OfficeNetPoint®, depending on the device that’s being used.


An example?

When you receive an e-mail via Microsoft Outlook, OfficeNetPoint® will take over the entire filing process: it will extract the e-mail attachments, index the contents adding meta data for future speed of searching, record the entry of this e-mail in the time sheet and even reorder your Outlook folders with just a single confirmation click.

All this so that you, as a user, can remain focused on your assignment at that very moment, without distractions. OfficeNetPoint® takes over all the tedious time consuming administrative tasks for you automatically, allowing you and all your team members to concentrate on your clients needs effectively.

Of course all this, in the office, on your desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

The key features of OfficeNetPoint® are as follows:




Electronic Document Management System

Document management is integral part of any business and OfficeNetPoint® exposes these functionalities all over the system, this not only for document created by you but also for all received documents (no matter if e-mail or printed letters) and all database records, integrating the concept of information in a wider form.

Thanks to such ‘integrated’ functionality OfficeNetPoint® will be able to mix searches in documents and database, to identify the text or string whether it is contained in a document, in a set of data (for example contacts, clients, supplier, appointments and even OfficeNetPoint® sticky notes.

Time and training of personnel on such tedious tasks is thus put for better use; the OfficeNetPoint® user will have all these features without needing to learn what is indexing and meta data and the intricacies in the background.
OfficeNetPoint® does it for you: all you need to do is eventually type in the search box some key words like you are used to in Google when you need to retrieve some documents and in no time you will have all the concerned documents and database records.


Enterprise Content Management

Internal company procedures, specific business rules, internal memorandums, forms, standard formats needed by your business are directly accessible by all who have the user rights.

All document stored in the company ECM (as well as previously edited documents) can be sued by every user as a template for any document.

Time and training saved, along with having unified predefined documents, templates and procedures, in order to enhance the image and level of your business.




Customer Relationship Management

Contacts, customers, suppliers and addresses Management and even related phone calls are integrated with all other OfficeNetPoint® Features and costantly monitored.

When you place (click-to-call) or receive a phone call, OfficeNetPoint®  finds the caller in its database system and prompts the user for a note, even when you are on your mobile phone. If desired, OfficeNetPoint® posts for you the time you spend on the phone in your timesheet, ready to be billed to the customer or as a simple note.



Collaboration Suite

The information flows to and from your smartphone and OfficeNetPoint®.

Your appointments (posted by you or by your secretary), the internal tweets, meeting agendas no matter on what ‘tool’ are all integrated in order to ease your work and share it among the members of your team.




The time sheet is key to invoicing in the majority of business today and thus the recording of the activities and their timing as these are performed allow you and your colleagues to track your work. It also allows to plan holidays and absences.

The Time Sheet module is a time planning tool for the user and compiles automatically the time and expense sheets including the expenses per each job and the time for each part of the assignment.

The time tracking module is not only activated when you carry out some activity on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, but also when you are ‘on the road’: with the help of the integrated GPS of your smartphone, your permit to be tracked (the data is visible only by you) and the OfficeNetPoint® tracking algorithms, the time sheet with the visited clients and the commuting expenses will be automatically compiled and ready to be acknowledged on your monitor over a map chart!

With OfficeNetPoint® technology you obtain accurate and close to perfect time and expense sheets saving you and your colleagues time and the tedious task of data input.

You will be able to decide how to allocate those daily 30 min that you have saved.




OfficeNetPoint® process all type  of invoices: time sheet invoices, periodical annual invoices, request for account deposit, credit notes in your preferred formats, in any languages (thanks to the open reporting and translation service) and in any currency.

It automatically registers invoices to the businnes’s accounting by entering the transaction in the ledgers journal and making available the underlaying document in PDF format, so your professional accountant can work from home office, without needing to charge you commuting time.

Fifty percent of all accounting transactions are generated by OfficeNetPoint®; calculate how much time you are saving and decide how to use it.



Accounting Module

The OfficeNetPoint® accounting module includes debtor/creditors, payables/receivables and obviously VAT management.

All journal entries originating by the activity are automatically generated.

The accounting module is capable of multiple entities and therefore can be used to keep accounts for different companies.

It also disposes of the open reporting and query generator as all other OfficeNetPoint® modules.




Human Resource Module

The human resource module includes not only payroll, but also assist managing employee personal data and history files, of course with the due security.

OfficeNetPoint® will document presence, vacations, absences and out of office times of the employees, allowing also internal and granting supervisor communicationin case of planned absences.

Calculate the savings that you obtain not needing to install attendance clock systems especially if your firm is based on home office.




All actions undertacken by the users is protocolled in a protected logfile. This and other functions of OfficeNetPoint® you find them only in banking system and securized applications and naturally also in OfficeNetPoint®.





OfficeNetPoint® disposes of a reduced interface for smartphones (Android, Windows Phone and iPhone) with voice recognition and touch-screen.  If you have staffs  that operate at your clients sites  (consulting, maintenance, and repairs) they can get the bill / job ticket form signed off by the client directly on a standard tablet or smartphone.

Your client receives a copy via e-mail and within your business the job ticket has been immediately processed by the EDMS module and it has also been inputted in the Time Sheet and Accounting system.
All this without special additional equipment and therefore without extra costs and without problems.

They will find in the time sheet and travel expense sheet automatically updated ready to be confirmed.

The data collected this way can only be accessed by your field personal and the tracking data is automatically erased to guarantee their privacy.





OfficeNetPoint®  interfaces with your  buisnesses VoIP telephone server.

It not only logs the phone calls, it manages them and it will identify the callers number and automatically open the CRM phone call form on your screen, been ready to accept your notes during the call be they written or a voice notes.

It integrates the functions:

dials the call with a simple click on the telephone icons on every showed telephone number and transfer it to your current phone (desktop or cell phone), even if not connected to your desktop application.

logs and manages the incoming telephone calls on your telephone

A module that you generally find integrated in banking solution software.
From our banking software experience directly to your desk or when out of office, or travelling anywhere and always … as all OfficeNetPoint® features.

You can view the detailed table of the features and options by clicking on this link: 


System Requirements

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