OfficeNetPoint Story

OfficeNetPoint® has been born twice.

The first time in 1987, year in which we developed the first CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), Time Sheet and invoicing application/software based on  VMS of Digital Equipment.

Constantly updated from year to year, it was improved and extended in functionalities.
Our first customers still run it to this date, proving that the development of robust (high quality and reliable) software always pays off in the long run.

Thereafter the firm than renamed Innovative Banking Software AG applied it’s know how to developing banking software, coming up on its own with innovative and robust technology.

In 2011 it was decided to apply the very same technology to program from scratch OfficeNetPoint® with the objective to develop a software with “banking industry” quality at costs affordable to SME. We set-up a new company (Swiss Applied Software Research) for the purpose assuring marketing, sales, servicing and assuring quality maintenance and support along with further continues improvement of OfficeNetPoint®.