Price Policy

OfficeNetPoint® is offered as 'SaaS' (Software as a Service) and requires a basic one time subscription licence for your firm and annual user licences for every user (“named user”).

The basic licence allows to install the software either on your businesses server, or on hosting server, or on the local net (only in the version Peer-to-Peer), it does not limit the number of users and is valid for any version of OfficeNetPoint®.

You and your team can decide on the basis of the annual licence whether you have access to all the functionalities of OfficeNetPoint®,this depends on the class (economy, Business, First)  of installation you choose.

The number of user licences can vary from year to year;  you can also opt for a purchase of a fully parameterized package. Maintenance, updates and upgrades are priced in the annual licence, for the whole duration of the contract.

Before completing an installation we execute a complete check of your hardware configuration and software to assure compatibility  and if you wish we can undertake the whole installation (either directly or through a licenced agent)

The following table will give a base to calculate your costs:


Per user / per month € 98
Set-up bundle per user* € 224


Per user / per month € 124
Set-up bundle per user* € 298


Per user / per month € 148
Set-up bundle per user* € 348

*) Price in EUR or CHF, local sales or VAT taxes excluded;
Please contact us for full pricing details and group training plans.


ROI Calculator

You can calculate the ROI (Return of Investment ) of your purchase of OfficeNetPoint®  when asking us our ROI calculator in Microsoft Excel® format.

For further information, assistance and support or to obtain a detailed quote for your specific needs you can contact us by calling +41 (0) 91 976 02 55 or via Skype or Chat .