Swiss Applied Software Research offers an array technical support.

Before calling with your case please consult our Forum  and when calling have at hand your contract and user number.

Your contract number (7 digits) and the user code number (3 digits) are found on your licence or in the form “About OfficeNetPoint®”.




You can contact as follows:


Application Form 
By Telephone
By remote assistance





Application Form

Filling out the form for support you will get a support reference number and we will open a job ticket.  

More detailed is the description of your problem, the quicker will be the response time and the solution to the case.

If you requests is of general user interest, this will be published on  the Support Forum and you will receive an E-mail with a link .
In the case that your request is specific to your business you will receive an E-mail or a telephone call, so please assure that you clearly mention the phone number on which a member of our team can reach you

Open the form request for support.  


Phone Support

SwissASR hotline is available during office hours from  08:00  to 16:00 (GMT) our support languages are English, French, German, and Italian.

You can contact our telephone support calling +41 (0) 91 976 02 55 or via Skype  or Chat .


Remote Support

You can contact our remote assistance by calling +41 (0) 91 976 02 55  (from  08:00  to 16:00 GMT) or via Skype  or Chat .



Licence Support


For request in relation to purchase and activation of a new licence o for issues activating your licence we kindly ask you to call our hotline number  +41 (0) 91 976 02 55  (from  08:00  to 16:00 GMT) via Skype    or Chat