Training for users

A timely training of the users and the correct use of OfficeNetPoint® guarantees the success of each installation.

SwissASR takes particular care to train future users of OfficeNetPoint®  and offers regularly training courses, from the basic course (for example the use of Microsoft Word 2013 within OfficeNetPoint®  framework), to varied specialised OfficeNetPoint® all the way to advanced course for customization and parametrisation.

Each course of OfficeNetPoint®  has entry pre-requisites so has to guarantee the set objectives of the training.

The courses and the related documentation are primarily in the following languages English, French, German and Italian as a rule we keep the attendance to a maximum of eight (8) participants.

The course can be held on the clients premises, the duration varies on the topic but usually is limited to half a day  including a closing test.


Course for sales agents

Are you interested in enrolling as a sales agent? we will offer for our sales agents a complete training program.

These are so designed so that you can train the users of your clients, at your disposal you will have the guide and support documentation along with that to distribute to the users of all our standard course.

This will qualify you as partner of OfficeNetPoint®

The participation to the course is solely reserved to clients and partners of SwissASR.

For further information please call +41 (0) 91 976 02 55