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Tranquillità e Sicurezza

Recentemente il nostro servizio marketing mi ha chiesto se non era il caso di creare una versione light di OfficenetPoint, con meno funzionalità, giusto quelle minime che servono al mercato verticale che attualmente stiamo attaccando, rendendo così la decisione di acquisto più facile.

Mi capita anche di incontrare prospects che richiedono una diminuzione di prezzo perchè - loro- quella tal funzione non la usano e non la useranno mai (mai dire mai!).

Io sono di tutt'altro avviso, per questi motivi che ritengo validi:

Menzonie e Bugie

Ho scaricato la versione demo di un programmino di Timex (Time Sheet e Spese), giusto per vedere cosa realizza la concorrenza.

In abbonamento costa 1 CHF al giorno, poco, a onor del vero: vediamo cosa fa e soprattutto come lo fa.

Two steps verification

What is two steps verification?

Two-step verification is a process involving two subsequent but dependent stages to check the identity of an entity (user) trying to access services in a computer or in a network with just one factor or secret (username and password), whilst there is no proof obtained that the bearer of the unit is identical to the owner of the unit.

Any of these common actions could put you at risk of having your password stolen:

Accounting and EDMS


Electronic document management (EDMS) is a fundamental component of the accounting and auditing practices of today.
Accountants require quick access to information. Consequently, the physical storage and the retrieval of documents become time consuming as the volume of documents increases.

OneNote Integration

If you asked me what my favorite application in Microsoft Office is, it would have to be OneNote.  
By far, OneNote is much more than a simple note-taking application: it is the most robust and flexible tool that you can have in your back pocket.

If you have a Microsoft Account you can install the mobile version of OneNote on your PAD or Smartphone, have access to all your notes, right there, for every meeting, at your fingertips and of course sync up OfficeNetPoint notes as well. 

Google Maps

Some clients reported us yesterday (31/03/2015) that all contact's maps load very slow;
The same behaviour can be observed in the geo-tracking function that shows maps with the visited contacts and trip locations very slow as well.

After investigation we found out that this depends on the last version of the Google Map API (3.20) published on 16/03/2015. So we decided to roll back to the stable (frozen) version 3.18.

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